Child Care

Sixty Symbols: physicals and science
Acceleration vs Top Speed
Horsepower vs torque Paper, video, grip
Deep Sky video: Astronomy and Stars
Brick Types - assemble skills
Electronics brick 小翰童 磁性益智电子积木 (218 kit)
handcraft brick 儿童木制 拆装玩具 鲁班椅 工具椅子
puzzle brick 3×3, 4×4 puzzle brick with 6 images
learning brick 木制早教双面100粒200汉字多米诺骨牌儿童拼音玩具识认字木质圆角
Drawing Toys - color and shape skills
white/black/green sticker wallpaper (绿板贴 可擦写黑板贴纸 儿童涂鸦墙纸贴 培训班教学 白板贴)
clipart stickers:
- light and portable than drawing board
- can turn any flat surface into drawing area

Tips and Checklist on choosing toys:

  • wood toy check:
    1. smooth surface and round corner
    2. surface printing quality
    3. wood durability
    4. handling size and weight
    5. potential danger after wood decay and breaks
    6. smells
  • plastic toy check:
    1. thickness of plastic and hardness of quality
    2. surface finishing and round corner
    3. inside fill of plastic internal volume
    4. water proof and wash-ability
  • metal toy check:
    1. rigidness of surface
    2. smooth and polish of edge and corner
    3. tiny parts whether easy to break off
  • water chalk vs oil pen
    1. chalk is more easy to clean when written on furniture and cloth
    2. oil pen is more like a pen than chalk but it is liquid type drawing, which can cause food safty
    3. chalk is solid powder, safer to wash away from body.

TF toys

Home Cleaning

Daily -
activity floor wiping
kitchen floor wiping
room floor wiping
toilet floor washing
kitchen after cook surface cleaning
Weekly -
kitchen oil surface wiping
under-bed, under cabinet floor cleaning
ceiling fan cleaning
standup fan cleaning
shelf surface top cleaning
floor matte washing
school bag washing
bed cloth washing
Monthly -
toilet floor brushing
sofa cloth changing
PC fan dust cleaning
storage room organizing
kitchen storage pest checking
Shoes washing
  • Vacuuming Disadvantage:
    • Vacuuming can get rid of the dirt and grittiness of a floor, but it can't get rid of the stickiness.
  • Wet Cleaning - mop vs wipe
    • wipe can get hair off easily
    • mop often get hair twisted and hard to get off due to its structure
  • Broom Disadvantage
    • light dust and light pet hair can get flying during action

Home Security

  • Intro
    • when create a online account, like Facebook account, youtube account and etc, you are in danger of online security issues.
    • Confidential Information can be leaked with this kind of registeration.
  • When create a new online account, you may like to check
    1. can you delete the account after registeration
    2. how can you retrieve password if you forget the password
    3. what information associated with this online account
    4. what privacy level you have control with this account
  • Problems and Risk
    • Email leaked:
      • this can lead to tons of spam mails into your email box;
      • and if you use this email as you daily email account, you will spend tons of time filtering out these spam emals of frauds and advertisement;
      • you may also miss out your friend's email, just because the spam mails are spreading several pages of your mailbox, rendering your mailbox unfunctional.
    • Phone number leaked:
      • this can lead to tons of spam text messages into your phone, and endless of promotion and survey phone calls into your daily life.
    • Personal information leaked:
      • It can be just your name or DOB, sometimes, even your ID number or credit card number,
      • this can lead to social engineering attack, and resale of your personal information for fake ID card or credit re-produce.
    • Your interest and behavior pattern leaked:
      • these kind of small piece of information can also be traced through your daily online activity, like your feeds, status updates, and related activity history.
    • Your private photo and video leaked:
      • can be a big problem if you dont want others to see these photos and videos, or in certain future, you hope you have not leaked.
    • Your friends and relatives relationship leaked:
      • these can be a problem in case of privacy protection, as nowadays, social networks become big, and the whole online social communicaty is based on privacy sharing profits.
      • your online convinience is at an expense of your privacy, and your information can be used to generate personal orientated commercial products, while it is ok, but misuse of this kind of information will lead to protential internet security issue.
    • Indirect information leaked:
      • You may be safe from all, but your friends or anyone online or offline socially linking to you can lead to a information leak,
      • if your friends or related social person got hacked or got leaked, you are linked and affected in certain degree.

online protection techiniques

  • Fake information
    • Fake information is a common way for personal online protection, like common non-serious online registeration, make a personal online fake information is good for protecting yourself. like your birday of “Jan 1st, 2000”
  • Robot-proof information encryption
    • “myEmail(at)mailbox(dot)com” or “msn: myEmail” are some examples.
    • “my number is Six-Five.0.Onine11I”, good for phones.
  • email for reg only
    • you may like to created some email accounts just for those online registeration, so seperate from my daily emails.
    • never use your company/organisation/school email for any registeraion
  • Password Enforcement
    • make strong password like “M_y_P@s.sW0aD~”, and write it into your personal notes or daily books in hardcopy
  • Pre-paid phone card number
    • get a pre-paid phone card for your neccessory online activity use

Tips of online security

Social Netowrk Safety

There are more and more online service provided for people to have a 2nd life online, thus the activities of people interacting becomes more often and lead to a lot of unsolved problems and require new technology solution.

As being online is linked with tons of computer technology and other technical support. The evolve of the online networking technology becomes an important role in monitor and regulating the behavior of online people. As identification of who is online is heavily linked to the level of technical skills of each part.

Online Crime and Online Cheats

Unlike real world, people can be identified on spot, and each person is tagged with one id, it is easier to physically spot on them and catch.

Being online, means each person can have multi online id and associated account, the difficulty increased.

Article that studys online unfair activity:

Pest Control