Techniques Sections

Get PySide2 or PyQt5 for Blender

  • For Blender 2.7.8a win64, 2.7.9b win64 case
    1. install or get python 3.5.1 x64 (which is same version as Blender above)
    2. install PyQt5-Py3.5-Qt5.7-x64 for that python 3.5.1, from
    3. once it is done, you can copy these folder/file from standalone python to blender python site package folder
      • from Python35x64_DIR\Lib\site-packages to blender_DIR\2.79\python\lib\site-packages
      • folder and file list:
        1. sip.pyd
        2. PyQt5
        3. sip-4.18.1.dist-info
        4. PyQt5-5.7.dist-info
    4. restart blender, you should be able to call “from PyQt5 import QtWidgets,QtCore,QtGui” without issue


  • I use the pip method for blender's python, seem it install pip, pyside2, pyqt5 all fine, but when import, it always error “DLL can't load”
  • I did
    1. cd to blender-2.79b-windows64\2.79\python\bin
    2. paste there and run .\python.exe
    3. it installs fine, then .\python.exe -m pip install pyside2
    4. or pyqt5, it all install fine, but at the end, whenever import QtCore like that, it will error DLL load error
    5. at least the above copy paste from matching standalone python will work fine.