Intro to GLTF

  • glTF means GL transmission format, like “interactive jpg” for 3d file, which can be shared on web like jpg, png, mp4, mp3
  • structure of glTF: (as type of json file format)
    • sceneGraph: like outliner in Maya scene, list of objects and their hierarchy in scene
    • skincluster to mesh relationship
    • animation graph data
    • blendshape data
    • material
  • and its support files next to it
    • bin file: geo data, animation keyframe data, skin data
    • glsl file: shader
    • texture: jpg, png files
  • compressed version of glTF is called glb

Export as glTF

  • Many 3d application can export this format, like Unity, Unreal (current glTF 2.0)
  • other 3D application can export with related plugin
  • standalone application can convert common 3d file like obj, fbx to glTF