Maya Lighting and Rendering Solution

Solution Notes
sun light spot light or parallel light with Raytrace shadow
sky light Sky ball with incandescence tinted material
sky portal light low intensity area light with same sun color at windows,
depth-map shadow, with specular
help filling the sun light
ambient light 1 ambient light or point light
ambient light 2 all object material with ambient-occlusion map map tinted amb-map to ambient color channel with prop max. dist.
bounce light colored area light with low intensity, no specular, depth-map shadow
  1. create sun light
    • diffuse, specular, raytrace shadow
  2. create sky (light-material dome)
    • no diffuse, no spec, no shadow
  3. create object ambient occlusion color map
  4. create sky-portal light (window fill light)
    • diffuse, specular, depth map shadow (512,blur.filter 5x)
  5. create bakward sky-portal half light
  6. create 2nd bounce light
    • diffuse, no-specular, depth map shadow
  7. glow special effects on all objects' material