• after 6 years+ working in Double Negative visual effects since 2010, I was very impressed by their python asset pipeline and in-house tool development
  • after left the company, I started to work as pipeline developer, and work on re-building some of their tools, during the development process, I found there was a lot of repeation on UI creation, so I had the idea of building some automated UI code generation, thus was born
  • based on how PyQt commandline converts ui file to python code, I built the initial template, setupUI(), Establish_Connections(), then I wrote the quickUI to do UI pythons with string inputs
  • since 2017, functions keep growing till 2022, though there were some logic updates and code structure improvements, the need of re-thinking the idea is growing.
  • in 2023, I am planning re-build as 3000 versions, as 1000 is like old days, 2000 is like modern days
  • in new version, code will be minized more, and the target use case will be wider, so there will be even more minimization, while still maintaining some core compatibility.
3000 planning old 2000
self.ui self.uiList
self.memo self.memoData
no menubar
self.conf (maybe)
no btnMsg
remove _vbox _hbox,
must use _layout;vbox
loadLang > external
uDever-tool template generator
q = self.qui
u = self.uiList
  • My personal tool template generator will make into a public tool “uDever”, which will auto create Pipeline/PyCategory/MyTooName structure and with your tool name and structure
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