SEO Concepts


  • Search result is from active direction from user, and more consistent traffic flow than email and ad.
  • Google search is built on: indexing, ranking (backlink, search intent, content depth)


  • keyword research: finding what keyword other will use for searching you
    • (search volume, traffic potential, biz value, search intent)
    • (tool: keyword generator, try search for competitor)
    • prefix to group of targets
      informational: how/what/who/where/why/guide/tutorial/resource/help/ideas/tips/learn/example
      navigational: brand names/product name/service name
      commercial investigation: best/top/pricing/review/attribute/comparison
      transactional: buy/coupon/order/store/purchase/cheap/price/pricing
  • on-page seo: build content for ranking as search intent (title, meta description, url, file name alt, image size, readability, internal linking, readability)
    • research competitor
    • title - keyword
    • url - descriptive
    • meta description
    • image - alt text, small size, descriptive alt, no word spamming
    • link - internal information relative linking in page
    • title - short sentences, paragraph, descriptive heading
    • open graph meta tag for social sharing (schema: google structure date markup helper)
  • link building - exchange link to other site owners
    • free: directory, blog, social profile
    • quality: authority
    • target key site owner emails
  • technical seo:
    • enable index, robots.txt
    • sitemap xml. (yeost)
    • redirect old post to new one
    • redirect https
    • site structure (home → →)
    • page speed


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Final Conclusion

Technical SEO integration best SEO practice into website structure and content, like mobile responsiveness and speed, ssl certificate
On-page SEO integration best SEO practice into page title, meta, heading optimization
Off-page SEO build social media profile/company list sites, link back to site, backlink building recommendation
Local SEO create google my business listing (google post), and other local company listing
Voice SEO question and answer session for common questions
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