It is using captured photos to generate 3D representation of still object, or motion path of capturing device or both, or reversed to trace motion path of moving object after confirmation of motion path of capturing device.

Technology option for Cross Platform rich-media application development

  • QT4 : a GUI framework and development IDE, available on win,mac,linux, and able to publish win,mac,linux,mobile(nokia) application from one code.
    • open source, but license has Commercial and LGLP 2 type.
    • mainly language in use: C++, also support python and other
  • Adobe AIR : a framework that contains Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax technology, available on win,mac, and able to publish win,mac,linux,mobile,internet application. It also has Flash Builder as the IDE.
    • main language in use: ActionScript, Javascript

So, C++ vs ActionScript, C++ is a bit overdone for small application development

  • example structure
    local/ (translations)

Simple Note created on Jun 02 - 2009 9:07 PM on Cross-compile on Mac OS X

for Win32 and Linux

Compile Win32 exe on Mac OS X

use the older version,
since Tiger is born in 2007, use the version minGW 3.4.5.

use MinGW 4.3.0 above for Mac OS X and newer;

Check the sample code of the related compiler's download page, like

g++ -o hello.out hello.cpp
g++ file1.cpp file2.cpp file3.cpp 	# for multiple file into one program
g++ -o lab7.out file1.cpp file2.cpp file3.cpp

Compile Linux binary on Mac OS X

  1. not much problem
  2. install i386-linux-gcc 4.1.1 above for Mac OS X (Intel) or newer at the same page above
  3. the output of the binary program is a.out
  • “libiconv.2.dylib 7.0.0 version not found” problem on Mac OS X 10.4.
    Because the Tiger use version 5 of that library, so new compiler born at Leopard time may expect version 7, so use a old version compiler on Tiger can solve the problem.
  • No new line at end of file when compiling Linux
    Because there is “end of line tag” needed as \n on Unix;
    while mac os use \r, thus, press an extra return in code for Linux.

set Path environment Method 1:

  1. open .profile
  2. export PATH=$PATH:/new_path_entry
  3. add above and close

Microchip Programming

XBOX 360 Kinect

  • OpenNI :
    The OpenNI organization is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization formed to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of Natural Interaction (NI) devices, applications and middleware.
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