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 self.uiList['​main_tab'​].count() # return total tabs self.uiList['​main_tab'​].count() # return total tabs
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-  * put tab on bottom <code python>​self.uiList['​main_tab'​].setTabPosition(QtGui.QTabWidget.South)</​code>​+  * put tab on bottom <code python>​self.uiList['​main_tab'​].setTabPosition(QtWidgets.QTabWidget.South)</​code>​
   * link ctrl+1,​2,​3,​4 to the tab switch <code python>   * link ctrl+1,​2,​3,​4 to the tab switch <code python>
 cur_tab = self.uiList['​main_tab'​] cur_tab = self.uiList['​main_tab'​]