Nvidia GPU based toolkit

  • Nvidia developer program:
    • RIVA is their language process framework
    • Maxine is video-audio translator and recomposer to video chat
    • Merlin is recommed system, like shop, video recommed
    • it also has computer vision related: Image segmentation models
    • ai related: nvidia AI accelerated program

Nvidia MDL

  • to define physically based material
  • store specification for material exchange
  • render-algorithm agnostic
  • designed for high performance on GPU

Nvidia Cuda programming

  • video info: How CUDA Programming Works


  • CV cuda: computer vision with cuda.

Nivdia RTX stack

  • 1st Gen: VkRay, DXR, DLSS1
  • 2nd Gen:
    • real-time denoise: spatial denoise
    • caustics
    • RTXDI: raytrace direct illumination, casting shadows from all lights, emissive surface
    • RTXGI: real-time multiple bounce indirect lighting
    • Reflex
    • DLSS2: deep learning super resolution, AI generat pixel
  • 3rd Gen:
    • Displaced micro-meshes
    • 2D SGM optical flow, shader execution reordering, real-time path tracing, opacity micro-maps,
    • DLSS3: deep learning super resolution, AI frame generator

Nvidia GPU architecture

core turing ampere ada
shader 16 40 90
RT 49 78 200
tensor 130 320 1400
OFA 126 300

Nvidia for AI

  • large language model: enable single model to do various different task with one single model, context aware output. like text related, image related.
  • NeMo LLM service, Prompt learning framework, to promp learn with pre-trained LLM for specific task.
  • recommed system: like in shopping, social network
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