Intro to Node.js

Portable Node.js

  • like python, you can make it portable,
    1. download zip version (32 bit for best compatible for all machines):
    2. launch cmd with your custom path bat file (here I include a git as well)
      set path=%PATH%;D:\cutom_app_path_to\node;D:\cutom_app_path_to\PortableGit\bin

basic node cmd

  • ctrl+L : clear the node cmd screen
  • .editor : a tmp full editor to run multi-line code
    • ctrl+d : to finish above editor
    • .break : to get out of code in above editor
  • .save : save history to a file
  • .load : load code from a file
  • _ : last stored value

Node.js concept

  • npm install: will localized all modules for local project, like python lib but local copy for each project (like python, module has version history, some project may have different version, but seems various js lib version have bigger compatibility change compared to python modules)

Application Dev Example

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