My word on Game Dev

  • I used to make some small 2D games with Flash and actionscript
  • and I made one 3D game in my school time using free version of Game Studio 6, and it is downloadable from (link Broken) and video trailer at


  • currently, I am back on research on game technologies, as I am more keen on multiple players on a single computer type of game, since most game only support 4 people on same machine
    • in order to get start, the game engine must support more than 4 game controllers, which leading me to the finding of this game: with 12 players (PS3 and other controllers) on a monitor.
    • and unity game engine support that in a way.
    • official doc, indicating 8 joystick with 20 buttons:


Before making a game, you need to choose

  1. your target platform: Web browser or Hardware like Windows PC, Mac, Linux PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, or hand device like iOS device, psp, or other consoles
  2. your game engine: you need to choose a game engine to start-off (building a game engine is more difficult than a game, requires ground-up programming work)
  3. choose a programming language: depends on your game engine

reference material

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