Flash platform based application development

Advantage of Flash:

  • swf output file is supported on web and desktop, even on mobile environment
  • swf can be further converted into “.app”, “.exe”
  • swf can be further converted into AIR package, which supported on Win, Mac, Linux and web
  • Flash has actionscript (coding) and rich-interface components, good for fast easy UI app creation
  • swf can be created used open source app with xml files
  • swf can be dynamically generated on web, like using PHP
  • swf can read and write other media formats like video, sound, text,
  • swf can handle database and xml data


  • It is flash, like Java, not fast, small, native enough
  • It is controlled and owned by Adobe

Dev tool:

Object oriented Develop with AS 3.0

  1. create object in runtime from library
    var c:Node = new Node(); 
  2. get and set Object property
  3. function definition
    function drawNode(){
  4. array
    var newPos:Array = new Array(2);
  5. global variable
    // as long as in the same page, all accessible

ActionScript IDE

Flash Extended development by other developers

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