Concepts and Relationship

  • For C#, there are 2 main popular free IDE softwares
    1. Microsoft Visual Studio community edition
      • features:
        • license: free for small team or individual
        • available only on windows system
        • use .NET framework (only works on windows system)
        • use Xamarin framework (free for small team or individual)
        • support other language dev like python, javascript, c++ …
        • support extended development in other software like game engines (Unity, Epic)
    2. MonoDevelop (aka Xamarin Studio in win, mac)
      • features:
        • license: open source and free for all
        • available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
        • use .NET framework or Mono framework (opensource port of .NET) on windows, and Mono framework on Mac OS X and Linux
        • use Xamarin framework (free for small team or individual on Windows and Mac only)
        • c# and .NET related language only
        • use GTK# as GUI library
  • Xamarin Framework / Xamarin platform
    • license: free for small team and individual
    • enable you to write application using C#, and transcode it to native code and native GUI and run on many operation system
      • including mobile: iOS system, Android system, Windows phone system
      • including desktop: windows, mac os x
      • no linux support because too many variation Linux system
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