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 +====== Technology option for Cross Platform rich-media application development ======
 +  * QT4 : a GUI framework and development IDE, available on win,​mac,​linux,​ and able to publish win,​mac,​linux,​mobile(nokia) application from one code.
 +    * open source, but license has Commercial and LGLP 2 type.
 +    * mainly language in use: C++, also support python and other
 +  * Adobe AIR : a framework that contains Flash, Flex, HTML, Ajax technology, available on win,mac, and able to publish win,​mac,​linux,​mobile,​internet application. It also has Flash Builder as the IDE.
 +    * main language in use: ActionScript,​ Javascript
 +So, C++ vs ActionScript,​ C++ is a bit overdone for small application development
 +====== App folder structure ======
 +  * example structure <​code>​
 +local/ (translations)