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   * compiler   * compiler
     * tiny c compiler: http://​bellard.org/​tcc/​     * tiny c compiler: http://​bellard.org/​tcc/​
-    * most c++ compilers ​can compile c code.+    * most c++ compilers ​have feature to compile c code.
 ====== C syntax ====== ====== C syntax ======
-  * to be done +  * c is there before c++ comes out, and c++ is c with added extra features 
 +  * details on difference between two, and a short history bet. them: http://​david.tribble.com/​text/​cdiffs.htm ​
 +  * c99 is one of common version of c, like c 1999 edition, each new c version has new thing in it, but not hugely