Useful online maya tools

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  • it starts as my speedy and efficient custom tools for modeling and animation
  • now, it is the core center of all my maya tools.
  • compare shots as Ver 1.0, Ver 2.0, Ver 3.0

  • Since 2012, winShiTool.mel has stoped development, all move to the new interface of shiTool.mel


  • a refine version of winShiTool in a more accessible manner.
  • Started in 2012, shiTool.mel replaced winShiTool.mel and shiShelfTool.mel
  • shiTool.mel ver 1.0 screenshot

    Intergration of shiShelfTool.mel


  • standalone script for a convenient shelf
  • Since 2012, this tool has been integrated into shiTool.mel, development all moved to shiTool.mel
  • last version in 2011



  • my walk-around portable hotkey setup script

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