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   * dynamesh is good at sub-div level 4   * dynamesh is good at sub-div level 4
 +====== ZScript and ZBrush Plugins ======
 +  * ZScript is a script language for ZBrush automation, mainly on interface setting get and set, and button/​slider based interface interaction. It is line by line action command based script, the function is limited to what ZBrush can do, like Javascript for Photoshop Actions.
 +  * Zscript is a text file ends with "​.txt",​ by running it in ZScript menu > Load, it will compile a "​.zsc"​ file, and you can put the "​.zsc"​ file in ZBrush App/​ZStartup/​ZPlugs64 folder to let it load the script by default.
 +  * zscript cmd code reference:
 +    * http://​docs.pixologic.com/​user-guide/​customizing-zbrush/​zscripting/​command-reference/​
 +    * video tutorial: ​
 +      * MadPonyInteractive:​ https://​www.youtube.com/​channel/​UC_dWlm9jz7xc4wJQp05Nrag/​videos
 +  * my ZScript for render current viewport and export jpg with name of current sub tool name. <code text makeSubToolJPG.txt>​
 +// 2019.11.14 - Ying - ZBrush Make subtool jpg at same folder. and pass file to bat file to handle publish process
 +// note: it create a UI button in bottom of Tool menu
 +[ISubpalette,​ "​Tool:​zAI Plugins"​]
 +[IButton,"​Tool:​zAI Plugins:​Ying_ZB_DailyBPR2","​Press to play this ZScript. ZScript can be aborted at anytime by pressing the esc key.",
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​FStrength,​1]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​GStrength,​0.75]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​Rays,​12]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​Rays,​100]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​Angle,​60]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​Res,​8240]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​Blur,​1]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​VDepth,​1]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​LDepth,​-5]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:Max Dist,10]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR Shadow:​DistFalloff,​0.1]
 +[IPress,​Material:​MatCap White Cavity]
 +[ISet,​Render:​BPR RenderPass:​SPix,​5]
 +[IPress,​Render:​BPR RenderPass:​Render Best Preview]
 +// [IPress,​Render:​Render]
 +[Note,"​Ying.AI Has Exported the Image for you.",,​ 3 ]
 +[NoteBar, fileName]
 +[If,​folderExists, ​
 +    [Note,"​Daily Tool Folder exists.",,​3]
 +    [ShellExecute,​ [StrMerge,"​R:​\Pipeline\PyZBrush\SubToolJPGDaily\zAImakeSubToolJPGDaily_exe.bat ",​fileName]]
 +    ,
 +    [Note,"​Daily Tool Folder does not exist.",,​3] ]
 +]/*End of ZScript*/
 +** other common useful zscript code **
 +  * get subtool name<​code>​
 +  * get last file browsing file name <​code>​
 +  * message dialog <​code>​
 +// add code above
 +[MessageOK, lastName, "Last Path"]
 +// sub tool path
 +[MessageOK, [GetActiveToolPath],​ "​Active Tool Path"]
 +  * define a path holder <​code>​
 +// set full path
 +// set only name path, then it will use zscript path as parent path