Substance Painter updates

  • substance painter price: 129SGD
  • substance painter update quite often and with new features. here is list of important updates
    • Substance Painter 2020.2 (2020.07)
      1. UDIM support
    • Substance Painter 2020.1 (2020.04)
      1. decal workflow
      2. python api (replacing its javascript api)

Substance Painter Concepts

  • substance shader »links» multi Texture Set (list of texture image files; or list of texture layers, each layer has sets of effects, its mask also has sets of effects) === multiple shaders »links» multiple geo

Substance Painter Texture to Blender Cycle

  • steps:
    1. enable preference > addon > check node wrangler plugin
    2. import the model, go shading tab
      1. select the PBR node, and press ctrl+shift+T, it pop up browse for currect selected shader's Texture File List
      2. note: it may miss detect file name

Render Test

    1. in shading tab, change shading level option: to world from object
    2. add menu > Texture > Environment Texture: open that hdr/exr sphere map
    3. link Environment Texture node : color to Background node
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