Sublime Text 3

  • A more modern and “Next Generation” source code editor, comparing to traditional powerful Notepad++
  • more auto typing and higher level auto-converting typing method for speed
  • global map view of the source code file
  • and it is native for win, mac, linux (while notepad++ has to be wined to use on Mac and Linux)
  • it is just get more and more popular for its feel and its design.

Customize Sublime

  • install PackageControl for Sublime, which make you install other Sublime plugin easier in future
  • mel language syntax highlight setup
    1. install PackageControl first
    2. then, click Preference menu > Package Control
    3. then a pop type box come out, continue to type out “Package Control: install package”, enter
    4. then the pop box refresh and list all the package list from online, then type “MayaSublime”, wait and click MayaSublime from the list to install.
    5. once done, you should be able to see MayaSublime under Preference menu > Package Setting
    6. also, you can now syntax highlight, from View menu > Syntax > MEL
    7. Cool and Done
  • Preference menu > setting user
    "draw_white_space": "all"
  • command palette command (ctrl+shift+p): install package ; type rawLineEdit
  • command palette command (ctrl+shift+p): Raw Line Edit: Toggle
  • ref (if saved, the color coding changed to raw-line-edit, dont know why):
    • still not what I have in notepad++ for show line end symbol

Plugin Packages

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