Key features in new version

  • PS CS3: select multiple layer without link
  • PS CC 2018: last version supported by windows 7
  • PS 2022:
    • reset smart object transform in layer right click
    • subject selection with auto hair cutout

Photoshop Start Tutorial

Scripting in Photoshop

Customized Photoshop Setup

  • Guide on Install more one version of Photoshop in different language,
    1. install the first Photoshop language version, then rename the installed Photoshop directory to something like “Photoshop_en”
    2. install the second Photoshop language version, then rename the same way.
    3. Done
  • Photoshop on Linux in Wine
    • CS2: install is straight forward
      1. After finished, the directory for preset and preference are
        wine appdata
        ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/User_Name/Application Data/
        ps setting
        ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/crossover/Application Data/Adobe/Photoshop/9.0/Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings
    • Photoshop 7: runs on Linux without problem.
    • Photoshop CS3: works for painting, panels are tricky to show steadily
      1. installed on windows
      2. then copy over (App and Common folders)
      3. copy over VersionCue to make it run ok, bash 1 step setup code:
mkdir -pv ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Common\ Files/Adobe/Adobe\ Version\ Cue\ CS3/Client/3.0.0;
cp $Z/App/ps3/VersionCue* ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Common\ Files/Adobe/Adobe\ Version\ Cue\ CS3/Client/3.0.0/;'
  • change splash screen (7, CS1,2,3):
    1. use ResHack to open PSart.dll (PSViews.dll for 7) in PS App directory; (remember to backup original copy)
    2. select
      • for CS2, PNGF > SplashArtFeather.png > 1033,
      • for 7, PNF > SplashArt.png > 1033
    3. go Actin menu > save resource as binary (.png)
    4. edit that png file you exported, and when finished, click on that “1033” again, choose “Replace Resource”, as (PNGF, its name, 1033) and File > Save

Useful Shortcut in Photoshop

Toggle auto-select in move tool hold Ctrl key
Use move tool in other tool mode hold Ctrl key
Use select tool in other tool mode Ctrl + Alt + Right-mouse-button click to select (including locked layer)
add/remove to selection hold shift key while click
copy / move the selected layer Ctrl + Alt + Left-mouse-button click and drag

Photoshop Extension for CC

  • extension is actually a structured folder packed into a zxp file, which can be unpacked with 7zip
  • all cc app share same extension install folder
  • for CC version onwards, HTML5 panel can be added
    • location Win: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions
    • location Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/
    • AnimDessin2: This panel is designed for Photoshop CC 2014 to CC 2018+. It allows you to draw frame-by-image animations (cel-animation like)
    • AnimCouleur2: This panel is available for Photoshop CC 2014 to CC 2018+. It allows you to simplify the process of coloring frame-by-image drawing animations created with “AnimDessin2”

Problem and Solution

  • stop Photoshop adding new placed smart objects to library
    • problem: cclibrary is a feature, may slow you if you don't want to use that
    • solution: just uncheck add to library when the dialog pop up in your placement action
  • photoshop brush when painting, super laggy
    • solution: in brush tool, in top option panel, bring smooth option from 100% to 0, so auto smooth brush curve will not slow it down.
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