Moodle is a free web system application for teacher and students interaction.

version 1.9 is used for this guide, but generally should work for late versions.

Moodle install

  1. Download Moodle from
  2. extract it to c:\moodle19 [varies depending on version and system]
  3. Start moodle
  4. stop moodle
  5. start moodle again
  6. Go browser:
    1. click next : it will show everything is ok
    2. click next : it will show web address [moodle19\server]
    3. click next : it will show database setting
    4. click next : it will show ok
    5. click next : done
    6. click next : agress with terms
    7. check “unattended operation” and continue
    8. ~~~~~~~~~
    9. at admin account : username : admin; password: 12345; and so on; click update profile
    10. New setting: Full site name as your Education School name you like; save changes
    11. Navigate to “apperance” if you like to change the design theme
  7. stop moodle
  8. go to folder “c:\moodle19\server\moodle\config.php”, change wwwroot=“http://localhost/

Moodle content setup

  1. login with Admin account
  2. create a user account (student) by
    1. navigate menu > users > Accounts > Add a new user (enter the new username and pass)
    2. update profile
  3. create a course
    1. navigate to administration block, click on Course > Add / Edit Course
    2. assign roles in course by add a teacher and students previously created
    3. go to main page, the new added course will be shown up
  4. create course material
    1. login as teach and click the course
    2. click “turn editing on” on the top right of topic outline block.
    3. click on the “add a resource” or “add an activity” button to create these
    4. to add new block of content, choose Blocks > add …
    5. change course setting from Administration block > settings
    6. click “handwrite” icon for editing any headers
    7. to add a resource like file, click Add resource button.
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