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Media Player

Nothing simpler than player. Both computer geeks and dummies use it every day.

But there can be great trouble to fix some video or audio playback issues.

  • player can not certain format, or no sound or no video.
  • my video is flip or upside-down
problem solution
can't open a video file (for Win,Mac,Linux)Try download VLC player (if you haven't),
then drag the video to VLC player
how to rotate video in VLC player > Tools menu > Effect and Filters: video Effects Tab (Transform-check: choose rotate)
player HD video try VLC player first
load subtitle name that sub file the same name, put aside of the video; VLC > video menu > subtitle


Media Player Classic HC, the best player on windows, with remote control, shortcut customize, frame and speed control, screenshot and copy saving.

Question Answer
change player shortcut Option[o] > Keys
save and backup setting Option[o] > Player : check “Store settings to ini file”,
keys setting in [Commands2] part
remote web control Option[o] > Web Interface