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 +====== Media Player ======
 +Nothing simpler than player. Both computer geeks and dummies use it every day.
 +But there can be great trouble to fix some video or audio playback issues.
 +  * player can not certain format, or no sound or no video.
 +  * my video is flip or upside-down
 +^ problem ^ solution ^
 +|can't open a video file |(for Win,​Mac,​Linux)Try download [[http://​www.videolan.org/​vlc/​|VLC player]] (if you haven'​t),​ \\ then drag the video to VLC player |
 +|how to rotate video |in VLC player > Tools menu > Effect and Filters: video Effects Tab (Transform-check:​ choose rotate) |
 +|player HD video |try VLC player first |
 +|load subtitle |name that sub file the same name, put aside of the video; VLC > video menu > subtitle |