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Keyshot Shortcut

focus select right menu > set camera target
view selected right menu > center and fit part
view all right menu > center and fit model
Show all right menu > show all part
outline part LMB click


unlink material relationship right click on part, unlink material
relink material relationship right click part on copy material, and right click part on paste linked material
(same) shift+LMB on source, shift+RMB to paste to target part

Keyshot Basic

  • Basic Workflow
    1. Import Geo
    2. assign material (to research, apply material by scripts)
    3. assign HDRI lighting
    4. tune lighting and rendering setting
    5. render

To animate color

To animate visibility (not opacity): so no need post compositing for already confirmed animation

basic task - quick post color variation

Keyshot Material Example

Cloudy Material / Translucent material / semi-transparent materail (like paper, thin plasic)

  • render setting:
    • self shadow: on; global illumination: on; ground illumination: on;
  • material setting:
    • Advance material type >
      • Specular transmission (amount of refraction related) setting to control transparency.
      • Specular color (reflection color cast, Black = no color cast) to control look casting color and strength of reflectivity
      • Roughness of Transmission: control internal structure roughness, basically disturb the refraction and give a blur look of refraction - “cloudiness” look
      • Roughness: control the surface roughness, basically disturb the reflection and give a blur look of environment reflection - “Glossy or matte” look
      • Diffuse color: color of object itself and strength of color compared to its reflection/specular color

Back-lit material

  • create a light object with Point Light Diffuse Material
    • Power and Color: control light intensity
  • add glow post-effect:
    • Camera > Effect > Bloom (Glow) to add glow boost intensity and radius (highlight part blur)

Keyshot Advanced

  • to do list
    • update geometry
    • export material linking list
    • automated shot building script and tool
    • render layer control
    • element/material variation and compositing workflow
  • to do list
    • light setups
    • reflection tips
  • animated Emissive geo light
    1. Insert a plane or sphere and use a translate animation to move across the model.
    2. Apply an Emissive material to the sphere/plane, increasing the intensity and disable ‘Visible to Camera’ in the Advanced settings.
    3. In the Project, Setting tab, enable ‘Global Illumination’.
  • to do list
    • quick management tool for show and hide geo parts
  • scripts to do
    • copy position tool
  • to do


  • keyshot cloud, for tons of material, back plate, environment hdri, textures.
  • For cloud resource, use web browser and click download to get special link for the download
    • then, use cmd line to bin and run code like this (free login acc required)
      keyshot_cloud_handler.exe keyshotcloud://get?eyJpZCI6MzQ0OCwidHlwZSI6MH0%3D

Keyshot learning

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