Google Drive Intro

  • Google Drive is a set of online applications, including file management, office softwares, data collection and processing tools.

only sync selected online folder


  1. Google Drive tab: choose stream files
  2. click “Open in Explorer” button above,
  3. go to and select the folder you want to be always availble offline
  4. right click > offline access > available offline

Google Form

  • Google Form App works together Google Sheets App to collect data from people online and store in a spreadsheet format
  • Google Form can be viewed in a standalone page or embedded in your web page
  • Other than the form, google form can insert
    • image block
    • text block
    • video block
  • To Share the form to fill by people
    1. click Send button and check short form link (so that “Request Edit Access” text button is not on the top right corner)
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