Key Feature of GitHub

  • Project list and Project Folder structure for store and sharing open source code and related docs
  • Key buttons for other people's Project (aka repository):
    • Watch: like subscribe a news feed, it will keep feed from that project development log
    • Star: like favorite or like or bookmark or rate a project, it will show in your star list, like bookmark in the browser
    • fork: get a copy of the project as one of your Project, then you can play and test on your own changes or optional submit your changes back to original project for their review and add-in
  • key buttons for your own Project
    • branch

GitHub common task

  • move file to another path
    1. click edit file, on the filename, just use /folder_path/file_name to change its location

Get Start with git command tool

  • git is a command tool, which is used to talk to GitHub, which is the base function of all git GUI client.
  1. clone, get a copy from git server, like from GitHub
    cd /your_dir_to_store_the_copy
    git clone
  2. status check, check what is changed inside current project folder
    git status
  3. register file into changes in current project
    git add my_new_file.txt
  4. register all changes into current project status log (locally)
    git commit -m "change log description text"
  5. send changes back to original project folder
    git push
  6. get changes from original project folder
    git pull

Problems and Solution

Download Github sub folder only

  • method 1:
    • get the SVN binary tool (subversion):
    • command syntax 1 with export like clean public release (note: 'trunk' need put there to get it work):
      svn export{user}/{proj}/trunk/{subdir} {local_dir}
    • command syntax 2 with checkout that keeping .svn version info
      svn checkout{user}/{proj}/trunk/{subdir}
    • note:
      • subversion local folder preference location (normally hidden by default):
      • subversion preference location:
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