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 +====== Notice about Final Cut Express ======
 +It is from Apple and it is a Express version, so be expecting some features Pro looking for will be missing.
 +So use it as it is if you can't change something you want to change, because the settings may just be not there.
 +**As of Date in 2011-06: Apple discontinued Final Cut Express, replace both FCE and FCP with one cheap solution called "Final Cut Pro X";**
 +  * http://​www.macrumors.com/​2011/​06/​22/​apple-discontinues-final-cut-express-with-launch-of-fcp-x/​
 +====== Project work flow ======
 +  - Final cut express will not take image sequence, as normal users will not ever deal with image sequence, use "Djv view"'​s bin tool "Djv convert"​ to convert them into mov file.
 +  - import mov, add sound
 +  - export