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-====== FileZila Server ====== 
-  * start "​FileZila Server.exe"​ with admin rights if needed 
-    * then it will ask you to install / register it into windows service list (services.msc) 
-    * then it will ask you whether auto start this service, (choose no if you just open ftp server for a short time) 
-    * Notes: if you want to remove it from services list, start "​FileZila Server.exe"​ with admin rights, choose uninstall service from pop-ups 
-  * start "​FileZila Server Interface.exe"​ 
-    * connect to server (; 14147; your_prefered_password) 
-  * Configure ftp server 
-    * Edit menu > Users, Add button to create users 
-      * Shared folders tab to add the directories to share 
-      * OK to finish 
-  * Stop the service by start "​FileZila Server.exe"​ with admin rights, and choose stop service from pop-ups