Email Server Connection

  • Email server connection made of
    • username
    • password
    • incoming server url & port & security type
    • SMTP outgoing server url& port & security type
  • email retrieval connection methods
    • POP3 is good for using email server as like a catch mailbox, like with option to keep or not keep email copy on email server
    • IMAP is good for using email server as like a sync center including folders

Email Server configuration

  • Email Server configuration is also associated with domain management, you need access the DNS settings to see all the related records to set up.
    • mx record details can be found at Domain DNS setting > DNS zone files list > TXT record (includes SPF)
  • SPF record
    • sender-policy-framework record is a text configure defining email activity on this email server, for others to verify whether this server's email is truely from this email server.
    • it helps avoid email sent from this email server been marked as junk/spam by others
  • mx record
    • mail exchange record, tells others where the host's email server is.

external email server connection


Email Client

Problem and Solution

  • Problem Mass delivery fail (1000+)
    • solution: as it may be exceed server email sending limit, or maybe your email account info is stolen and been used by other for spamming. Change email password.
  • spam filter setup
    • cpanel > global email filters, create filter
      • rule: spam status - begins with: Yes
      • discard message
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