DJV the free sequence player

djv_convert cmd

Note: if you path has space, make sure use “” to contain them, like “d:\my folder\”

  • convert video file to image sequence:
    # it will create 1001-1030 for 30 frame videos, just tell the first frame
    djv_convert.exe .\my_seq_folder\my_test.1001.jpg
    # to create 0001 padding naming, just like this
    djv_convert.exe .\my_seq_folder\my_test.0001.jpg
    # if you just put 1.jpg, it will have no extra 0 padding
    djv_convert.exe .\my_seq_folder\my_test.1.jpg
  • to convert frames to a video:
    # you have to put exact start and end frame number there
    djv_convert.exe .\my_seq_folder\my_test.0001-0030.jpg my_test.mp4
  • create half-res video ref
    djv_convert.exe -scale 0.5
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