C4D content management

C4D content preset is huge, and without custom management, it is hard to cross-manage all asset and pathes in projects.

  • software version cause app folder app different
  • user name and computer name cause user pref path different

Thus, best way to manually manage all the C4D content path, like asset, lib, plugins

  • C4D default library location is at
    1. C4D_app/library/browser
    2. %appdata%\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R??_XXXX\library\browser
  • C4D additional custom location can be added using environment variable
  • C4D plugin path can be customized as well like above but with environment variable
  • C4D content's texture path management
    • for some asset or plugins, they have a texture folder included, and you need to manually (if not auto) add the texture folder path in C4D preference panel (Ctrl+E)
      • under Files tab, and put the texture folder path of missing content asset there

Problem and Fix

Problem: C4D extrude tool fighting with wacom pen

  • solution:make sure Edit menu > Preference > Input device tab > Graphics Tablet is checked
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