Intro to Shining Wiki

This wiki system is created based on my interest in Computer and Computing related technologies, and extended to my other interests.

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How this Wiki Structured

  1. Singapore Sharing: life guide in Singapore
  2. My Tech Sharing: system level guide, app level guide, hardware level guide
  3. My Hobby Sharing: Photo, Music, Programming, Graphics
  4. My life notes for infos

My Hottest Wiki Topic



Cloud App Cust & Guide

Online Office Google Drive
Online 3D tool Online 3D tools

Cloud Service App

Code control GitHub

Mobile App

App Setup, Cust & fix

OS tool VirtualBox and VMWare
File Compression and Tools like 7z, winrar, zip, tar


Intro Intro to PhotoWiki: the one page cover all
PhotoWiki List
K mount system study My Sony system and review,
My Pentax system and review,
My old research on old K and M42 mount system
Photo Format Photo Format : “sensor size”/“film area” based category of camera system and comparing list of advantage and disadvantage
My study on superzoom camera
My study on medium format camera
My study on large format camera
My study on film to digital
Gear Maintain Camera and maintenance: list of do-and-don't and problem-and-fix
Tripod Tripod and Tripod-based photo techniques: landscape, macro, product
Flash Flash and Flash-based lighting techniques: macro, portrait, product
Light Constant Lights for both video and photo: LED lights and watts,lumens,exposure
Filter Filter types and Filter-based photo techniques: landscape, portrait
Bag Bag types and Job-based bag choice: travel, event, on-location
Card Card types and Job-based memory card choice: video, sports, on-location
Lens Tips photo basic course,Standford CS178 Digital Photography course
Focusing Focusing and focusing-related photo techniques: Manual Focus and Auto Focus; Normal Focus and Close Focus;
Shutter Speed Shutter Speed and related photo techniques: long and slow exposure landscape, flashing and fast freezing action, balancing control of lights
Aperture Aperture and related photo techniques: EV system and aperture based metering
Focal length Focal length and related photo techniques: focal length to angle of view chart, Focal length and Aperture to depth of field (Bokeh) chart, Focal length and Focus Distance to magnication ratio chart
After Shot
Pose Processing Post Editing Study
publishing Online photo storage and backup
printing Print size and DPI


Music Concepts: beat, melody, rhythms, scale, notation, math and physics behind music
Electronic Music Electronic
Instrument Table of instrument notes range
western Piano, Guitar, Violin, Harmonica, Recorder
Youtube Learn Youtube music learning channels
Music Sheet Sheet download list, My likes
Song Write Song write and Compose
Music hardware Hardware related


“Learning a new computer language is like learning how to ride a new type of bicycle” - shining

“When size and complexity come to reality, choose a right bicycle is important to win in the field.” - shining

My Tool Developing Core Concept and Guideline: “Single File, Small, Cross-plaform, Portable, Modular, Adaptable, Quick Changes and Fast Deploy”

My Programming Style:

  • Clear Structure and Clean Code,
  • Shortest and fewest lines but always reasonably make human sense
  • smarter algorithms
Online Dev Tool Online tool for dev
Dev Design GUI and Web design App Design
My Dev Templates My Dev Templates
My Maya Tool Projects My Maya Tool and Plugin projects
My App Projects My Python App and Source Code
My Dev Research My research on best way to write tools: For fast, efficient, cross-platform, methods
Dev Package Application Package and distribute
Language language quick reference
Hardware Hardware based Ref list
mobile dev Android Dev, Cordova, iOS Dev, React Native
c# (in visual studio), C# in MonoDevelop (Xamarin studio)
app c++, java, python (xwPython)
Python+Qt (Py27, Py35) x (32bit, 64bit) x (PySide, PySide2, PyQt4, PyQt5)
Python+Kivy (Py27, Py35) x (32bit, 64bit) x Kivy x (Mobile,Desktop)
Python+Web (Python CGI programming)
c++Qt (C++ Qt on Win, Mac, Linux)
c, flash toolkit
game & interactive Quick intro to game dev
Web and asp, php, Node.js, html, html5 (bootstrap), javascript, css, sql, asp, Web Admin Guide
Web.js babylon.js
database SQL
script vbs, applescript, ahkscript (AutoHotKey)
shell dos(batch), bash
other matlab, Kinect Dev guide
Computer Vision generate data from image
Cross Platform Application Development : Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Web, Mobile
Mac option Cross-compile on Mac OS X


Technical Documentation and Guideline

Pipeline Process
pipeline (Project Tracking, data format, data input and output tool (rendering), (VR and 360)
My Tool Template:
tool scripting (Maya in Python, Maya in C++, Nuke in Python, Fusion in Python, Houdini in Python, Cinema4D in Python, Blender3D in Python)
Illustrator in JS, AfterEffects in JS, Photoshop in JS
graphic library (Compiling CG library guide: compile OpenExr, OpenVDB)
vfx reference platform (Reference Build Guide)
Graphic Input
media capture image capture (video, spherical environment image, 3d scan image )
motion capture (camera motion, object motion)
geometry capture (3d geometry generation)
Graphic Process
3d element creation modeling (static model)
Dynamic model: water, cloud, smoke,
(prototype model)
look dev (texture creation, shading network, lighting)
rigging (function, weighting, trigger/interaction, automation)
animation (creation, capture (includes Matchmove), simulation (includes FX))
2d element creation Image Sequence, drawing (element design, element generation)
motion (motion creation, motion conversion/transfer, motion simulation)
composition (mask creation, layer operation, color mix)
Graphic Output
media output static media output (image, video): Gif
interactive media output (game-like) : 2D, 3D (GLTF)

Resource and Reference

old info to remove and merge:


  • My structured course sharing
Edit 101 Teach you how to do basic video editing on Resolve


Wiki Updates

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