Origin of Linux

Damn Small Linux

Windows Live Suite
Windows Security Essential
APatch for MSN
Google Japanese IME
Sougou Chinese IME
FIT chinese IME (mac)

Browsers and Browser addon

Firefox Ext

  1. Video Download helper
  2. Flash Video Downloader
  3. DownThemAll(Batch Downloader)
  4. Copy Urls Expert
  5. Awesome Screenshot Plus
  6. Add-on Search: AdBlock Plus
  7. Add-on Search: Element Hiding Helper for ABP
  8. Image block toggle
  9. JS switch
  10. SQLite Manager (sql datebase editor)
  11. Tab management: Tab-Mix-Plus for multiple row tabs
  12. Tab management: One Tab for multiple windows and tabs in one view
  13. Tab management: multiple-tab-handler – multiple tab selection and operation (ctrl hold to select) ! note: if you have tab-mix-plus, then disable the ctrl click feature on tab mix
  14. TileTabs: side by side tab view with optional sync scroll

Opera Ext


My Drivers

Other Lists of Free Tools

Online Design Ref

icons IconsDB.com,
color Web Color Table
Font WhatFontIs
Inspire thisiscolossal.com

Online Web Tool

tool/sys link
online PDF merge smallpdf.com / or free win tool PDFBinder
online video downloader savefrom.net
online gif maker gifmaker.me
online graph plotter desmos.com
online code dictionary Rosetta Code
online Text Processor textmechanic.com
online Word Wall maker wordle.net
online HTML editor sceditor.com
online RegExp editor regex101.com
online Link list maker Link Builder
online Table maker TABLEIZER! (Excel Txt to HTML); online Table Generator (Editor to LaTex, HTML, Txt); HTML Table Generator (Table Styler)
online Programmer’s Convertor Hex Code to Binary Code,
Decimal to Binary,
Character to Unicode (hex format),
Character to Ascii (hex,binary,decimal format)

Common Tools

tool/sys Mac Win Linux
shortcut Spark / KeyRemap4MB AutoHotKey / Lauchy KDE or Gnome
window manager Afloat (for Tiger: Ext.Link Int.Link) NiftyWindows AHK / Vitrite / VirtuaWin / PowerMenu / Desktops from MS Built-in with AltKey pressed
BT Download Manager Transmission BitTorrent Vuze / Transmission
Flickr Download Manager Bulkr
ftp CyberDuck Filezila Filezila
ftp server built-in ftp server in Sharing Panel Filezila Server ???
Disk Clone built-in Disk Utility in recovery model / Carbon Clone Copier Ghost Clonezila
Disk Data Recovery Time Machine if you have enabled DataRecovery2.4.7 / Recuva ?
File System Access fuse-ext2 (read Linux) DiskInternals Linux Reader (read linux and mac) / Ext2Read (read linux) / HFSExplorer (read/write mac) / MacDrive default-read / Fuse-ExFAT (read/write)
(ExFAT is best solution for cross-platform file transfer format, like FAT but got support like NTFS and HFS+)
ISO maker shell ImgBurn shell
ISO mounter shell VirtualCloneDriver(slysoft) shell
ISO convertor AnyToISO UltraISO / AnyToISO Bchunk (cmd)
Text Editor TextEdit / vi / TextWrangler / notepad++ in wine /
MS VS Code / Atom / PyCharm CE
Notepad++ / Notepad / vim /
MS VS Code / Atom / PyCharm CE
gEditor / vim / notepad++ in wine /
MS VS Code / Atom / PyCharm CE
Office Suite MS Office / LibreOffice MS Office / LibreOffice LibreOffice
LaTeX Suite & Editor MacTex MiKTeX portable(w. TexWorks) Gummi / TeX Live
PPTX viewer ?? PPTX viewer wine + PPTX viewer
PDF Viewer Preview (built-in) Foxit Reader default
PDF Editor / Printer built-in PDF printer doPDF / PDFMate Free PDF Merger and Free PDF Converter built-in PDF printer
PDF Merger Preview (built-in) PDFBinder / PDFMate Free PDF Merger
Font Manager FontExplorerX NexusFont Opcion Font Viewer
Image Viewer XnView MP / Xee / Camera Raw XnView / NexusImage / Camera Raw XnView MP / XnView via wine
Contact Manager AddressBook(built-in) iContact built-in
Photo Manager Lyn / Phocus by hasselblad Phocus by hasselblad ??
Photo Info Changer ExifTool ExifTool / Exif4Film (Android/PC) ??
Image Draw Krita / MediBang Paint Pro / PaintBrush / GIMP Krita / MediBang Paint Pro / Paint.net / GIMP Krita / GIMP
Video Player QuickTime X / VLC / Chroma VLC / KMPlayer / Media Player Classic HC / Media Player Classic w. Real Alternative VLC / MPlayer
Video Editor QuickTime Pro / MPEG Streamclip / Any Video Converter Free Any Video Converter Free / MPEG Streamclip ffmpeg
Video Grading DaVinci Resolve 12 DaVinci Resolve 12 ?
codec for player Perian for Quicktime K-Lite codec pack ?
Sequence Viewer QuickTime / MPEG Streamclip / DJV Imaging QuickTime / MPEG Streamclip / DJV Imaging DJV Imaging
more option: scope (win) / virtualdub (win) / CineFX (win mac linux) /
Sequence Convertor MPEG Streamclip / QuickTime Pro MPEG Streamclip / QuickTime Pro ffmpeg
flv encoder Riva FLV encoder QuickTime ffmpeg
Codec Convertor Any Video Converter Free / RealPlayer Basic / ffmpegX / AviDemux Any Video Converter Free / RealPlayer Basic ffmpeg
more option: virtualdub (win) / Cinecode (win mac linux)
Audio converter LAME ? LAME
Archive Maker default-zip default-zip default-zip
Archive Extract TheUnarchiver WinRar / 7zip default
File Splitter HJsplit HJsplit HJsplit
Screen Record OBS studio / Monosnap / Snapz Pro X
ScreenFlow/ Jing / QuickTime X
GifCam / Vclip
OBS studio / Monosnap / Camtasia Studio (TechSmith)
OBS studio / RecordMyDesktop / XVidCap
Screen Capture Share Jing / LightShot Jing / LightShot ?
VideoCam Cast CamTwist ? ?
Anti-Virus ClamXav Windows Security Essential / AVG AVAST
Guitar Tool Tuna Pitch / TuxGuitar

Guitar Rig 5 Player(AMP software) & ASIO drivers
APTuner / TuxGuitar

Guitar Rig 5 Player(AMP software) & ASIO drivers
Midi Tool Ardour Ardour Ardour
Sound Editor Audacity Audacity Audacity
USB device manage tool USBCat USB Disk Ejector ?
TV media center Boxee / FrontRow (built-in) Boxee Boxee
LAN messenger IP Messenger / Dukto R6 IP Messenger / Dukto R6 IP Messenger / Dukto R6
LAN Transfer Dukto R6 Dukto R6 Dukto R6
Multi-Call ? RaidCall ?

Tech Tool

tool/sys Mac Win Linux
Folder File Compare ? WinMerge ?
RAM Disk ? SoftPerfect RamDisk ?
Disk Speed Test AJA KONA System Test AJA KONA System Test, CrystalDiskMark ?
Fan Speed Control smcFanControl ? ?
Disk Usage monitor Disk Inventory X / WhatSize SpaceSniffer / TreeSize Free / WinDirStat fsview
Disk Partition Tool Disk Utility (built-in) MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition / Easeus Partition Master Home Ed. / SwissKnife v3.2 / Fat32Formatter gPart (Gnome Partition Editor)
Boot Manager press Alt key on startup EasyBCD / bcdboot (built-in cmd) ?
Network monitor Nmap Nmap Nmap
Network manager Port Map / Speedlimit ? ?
Internet Security Hotspot Shield / KisMac Hotspot Shield ?
System cleanup Onyx CCleaner ?
Virtual Machine / Platform bridge VirtualBox (old Tiger ver)/ Parallel Desktop VirtualBox VirtualBox / PlayOnLinux
Mouse Button Customize X-Mouse Button Control
Mouse Keyboard Sharing Synergy Synergy Synergy
QuickSynergy (GUI) / ZoneScreen(win) /
Webpage Capture PageCapture (dashboard) / SiteCapture ? ?
Website Extract ? httrack ?
Power management Caffeine ? ?
Monitor & Display tool Display Rotate Menu built-in built-in
Resource Extract tool ResKnife ResHack / XN Resource Editor ?
Encryption ? TrueCrypt / EasyFileLocker ?
DB manager SequelPro (mysql) ? ?
Commandline Utility Mac Win Linux
Terminal Alternative default Console 2 default
Utility collection ?? MS sysinternal suite / NirCmd / Qres ?

Mobile Phone App

Java App & Tool

Network Mobile Java Runtime
Mobile Phone Emulator MicroEmulator (Java)
VNC client VNC2Go.jar
SSH client MidpSSH.jar
Bluetooth Utility Mobile Java Runtime

Smartphone App

Tool/Common iPhone WindowsPhone Android
File manager ? ? ES File Explorer
Photo manager Lightroom ? Lightroom
Photography modelRelease
DOF cal
sun seeker
? ?
Media Player ? ? VLC
Voice Recorder built-in ? Smart Voice Recorder
RAR Extractor ? ? Simple Unrar
Offline Map ? ? RMaps
Tool/Meida iPhone WindowsPhone Android
IP camera ? ? IP Webcam
IP/Lan Transfer Dukto Pro Dukto R6 Dukto R6
Guitar Tuner ? ? gStrings
Piano GarageBand ? Learn Piano
Sound Meter ? ? SoundMeter
Tool/Developer iPhone WindowsPhone Android
Python IDE ? ? QPython – Python for android
Android IDE ? ? Terminal IDE / AIDE (freemium)

3D Tool

tool/sys Mac Win Linux
Home Planning Sweet Home 3D Sweet Home 3D Sweet Home 3D
CAD viewer / editor / convertor DrafSight / eDrawing Viewer (link 2) DrafSight / eDrawing Viewer (link 2) ???
3D file convertor Online obj convertor Online obj convertor Online obj convertor
3D General Blender 3d Blender 3d Blender 3d
2D Composite Natron 2.0 / Blender 3d Natron 2.0 / Blender 3d Natron 2.0 / Blender 3d
Mosaic Gen MozoDojo ? ?
2D Animation / Storyboard Pencil Pencil Pencil
pre-produciton / Storyboard Celtx Celtx Celtx
3D FBX converter FBX converter FBX converter
3D FBX viewer FBX 3D view plugin for Quicktime Player FBX 3D view plugin for Quicktime Player Blender
3D visualization WireFusion WireFusion WireFusion

Tool Plugins

Plugin Mac Win Linux
PS Maya IFF plugin PS Mac CS* PS Win CS* ?
PS FX plugin Google Nik collection ?
FLV to mp3 FLVMP3Extractor ? ?
MindMap MindNode / FreeMind FreeMind FreeMind

Server tool

services Mac Win Linux

Develop Tool

Cross-platform Tool/GUI/lib/DB/Guide
TheFreeCountry – the Free Programming list

App Mac Win Linux
C compiler & IDE ? MS Visual Studio Express (IDE) / DevC++(IDE) / MinGW GCC ?
Cross-platform IDE CodeLite
Cross GCC Compiler CC on OSX (MinGW;i386;H8) ? ?
version control Apache Subversion
GUI lib wxWidgets / Nano-X
Math, Graph, Plot tool Octave Plot / Octave Octave
Project Management Gantt Project Gantt Project Gantt Project

Security Tool

Assessment CD BackTrack Linux
Digital Signal OpenBTS (Radio wave, GMS, etc)

Web HTML Component

Image Popup LightBox2