About My Site Updates

Date Change Log
2010-01-30 Site Up!
2010-02-07 Planning out site info structure, and “dev central” content on Database & Site
2010-03-26 Site structure plan done, content creation started, design in progress
2010-05-30 list type data store structure created, ver 1.0; js+txt+htm
2010-08-13 Docs upload started
2010-09-05 App started: ArtMark and DevMark now Running as v1.0
2010-09-22 Ref for tech started, as WinRef
2010-09-25 mac ref, linux ref, dev ref are online
2010-12-29 Wiki system is online with TechWiki and CGWiki;
2011-01-01 More content added to Wiki
2011-03-01 More content added to Wiki
2011-04-01 More content added to Wiki
2011-05-01 some structure changes on ArtWiki
2011-09-01 simple tutorial moved to tutorial wiki; main framework fixed; content feeding from now on.
2011-11-21 Photo Gallery is online.(HTML5 and Ajax)
2012-01-27 Homepage v2.0 online with new looks; some site cleanup work.
2014-10-25 Server update and website structure rework.
2017-04-14 Homepage v3.0 in progress.
2017-09-22 Move to a new server, very own new home.
2018-11-02 Re-build of whole site and make into version v3.0. Way easier for human to edit now.
2019-05-21 Redesign of v4.0 started.